Enjoy A Great Restaurant South Beach Has To Offer

Are you a life-loving foodie? Do you adore nothing more than indulging in a culinary delight that is a real treat for your taste buds? If this sounds like you, we know exactly how you feel. Food is one of the most incredible gifts of life and the sheer variety of what is available means that dining out should never, ever be boring.

If you are hoping to find a great restaurant South Beach has to offer, you may very well enjoy a trip to Cibo Wine Bar. Allow us to tell you a little about this excellent dining choice.

There’s No Hiding Here

Cibo is not one of those restaurants that doesn’t know how to make an introduction let alone make a lasting impression, instead, it prides itself on three very important B’s. What are they? Being ‘Big’, being ‘Bold’ and embracing the fact that life truly is ‘Beautiful’. If this sounds like the type of person you try to be, this restaurant really could be right up your street.

Fusing Modern With Rustic

For many of us, living in our modern world is a wonderful thing. We are grateful for all of the appeal and conveniences that modern living brings. That being said, at times things can feel a little too modern for our liking. That rustic feel can seem somewhat lost in our modern age.

That is where Cibo Wine Bar really comes into its own. Created by Liberty Entertainment Group and boasting an impressive 12,000 sq feet, this is a space that is all about merging everything we love about being modern and chic with all of the nostalgia and coziness of being rustic.

A Wine Room To Write Home About

When in Italy, do as the Italians, right? Technically you may not be on Italian soil when you dine at this restaurant, however, Cibo Wine Bar sure does know how to give you that Italian feeling. An impressive two-storey wine room, holding 3,500 bottles of wine is certainly one of the memorable features of this dining choice. There’s even a harnessed wine angel to get you your choice of wine.

A Rooftop Patio That Needs To Be Enjoyed

Th rooftop patio at Cibo Wine Bar is actually the largest in Sobe. If you want to enjoy a night to remember, this location certainly has the potential to deliver on exactly that.

We know that foodies love to eat out at an amazing restaurant and with good reason. Food is for our enjoyment and being able to indulge in a culinary delight is one of life’s wonderful blessings.

If you are in the mood for an Italian experience, why not think about making a reservation at Cibo Wine Bar? From the fusion of modern and rustic when it comes to the ambiance, as well as the exquisite menu and impressive wine room, you may very well find that this restaurant choice could become one of your favorites. Indeed, life is good when you get to enjoy a great restaurant South Beach has to offer!